A life and death journey.

The Film

A unique story. A mix of genres. A twist ending. Visual storytelling. Beautiful Cinematography. Northern Ontario landscapes.

This independent passion project was filmed in 3 cities: Sudbury, North Bay and Sault Ste. Marie, over 6 days, with 8 cast and crew.

Indigos is a road movie about facing your fears.

Genre: Mystery / Experimental
Release Date: Spring 2018


PRESS - The Sudbury Star

The Cast

Magalie R Bazinet as Heidi.

Clayton Drake as Karl
Actor / Musician / Northern Ontario Crew Member.

Rick Grandmaison as Drifter
Rick often works as a local crew member on northern Ontario productions.

The Crew

Director - Ian Pozzebon
Producers - Ian Pozzebon, Brian Kring, Clayton Drake, Stefan Thomsen
DP - Riad Hamidi
Unit Manager - OJ Costello
Editor - Ben Allan
Sound (SSM) - Dustin Goodall
Sound (Sudbury) - Isabella Scola-Lawryshyn
Colourist - Jamie Naylor
Website - Evan Pizzolato